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Founded in the early of 2010, Oldblue Co. is mostly inspired by the vintage American work wear. Mainly from the era of the late 1800’s to the 1950’s. Garments which were worn by the gold miners, cowboys, factory workers, to the bikers. As we always feel that it was the era when garments, specifically work wear, were at it best period. From the fabrics, constructions, details, and the machinery behind them. We are indeed glorify Classic – old fashioned jeans along with its heritage.
As Inspired by the working class and every blue collar workers throughout the days, Oldblue tries to bring back the essence of jeans which is a clothing to be worn outside and an everyday wear. Like back in the days when jeans and other clothingwas just a tool that people use to build their nation. Oldblue offers a pair of jeans in the simplest and the most basic possible way. No gimmick, no excessive marketing, no expensive packaging. Only a pair of well constructed jeans with a decent fabric and ready to be worn everyday.

As one of repro-theory disciples, we think a pair of a good repro jeans is not only based on its details and its fabrics (how it made on the old style shuttle loom), but also on how the jeans are made and sewn. The machinery behind a good pair of jeans is a critical aspect for us. We always try to use some good-old-vintage machinery which are more labor intensive and only able to produce in a limited amount of output, for the sake of our idealism.

Every pairs of Oldblue jeans are proudly designed, cut, and sewn by the hand of ingenious and hard working Indonesian talents, only constructed by those proficient and experienced hands. Quality is a sacred thing for us. We only bring impeccable materials, sourced from every corner of the world, for each and every detail of our goods. We put our heart and thought behind every inch of stitch.