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Beauty Barn

Beauty Barn was founded in Jakarta in 2012 by a mother who tried to find the best solution for her baby’s sensitive skin and respiration problems. After finding that most baby care products sold in stores were full of artificial components that could not treat, and some even aggravated, her baby’s condition, she started researching and formulating skin care salve from natural ingredients that have been proven safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.


As her ‘homemade’ remedy proved to be effective for her child, she started giving out samples to family and friends. They loved the gentle fragrance that came from essential oils. As these other mothers saw the benefits of these natural remedies on their babies and young children, they encouraged her to market her products.

Since then Beauty Barn has grown beyond our founder’s home. Now each product is carefully developed and produced in our own manufacturing facilities in Jakarta, Indonesia. All of our skin care products and aromatherapy treatments use high-quality, plant-based ingredients that came from trusted sources, so you can confidently use our products to care for the well-being of your precious little ones. 

Beauty Barn is now the leading Indonesian company that produces baby care products using all natural ingredients. Even as we continue to grow, our guiding philosophy will never waver from our first foundation: a mother’s love.