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ART ROOMS By Art Dept Id x Brightspot

Erwin Windu Pranata
Domestic Universe
30 x 150 cm
Found Object on Vitrine

Domestic Universe is inspired by the environment where Erwin lives, the feeling as a residence in a third world country. It’s an abstraction of daily things that he meet in his everyday life, cheap things that most people won’t consider as important or pretty.

For Erwin, the meaning of art is not only a matter of aesthethic value. He believes that art is in the eye of the beholder, the value of art depends on how the audience sees it.

Ivan Christianto
200 x 240 cm

Self-reflection is one of many ways of understanding ourself. Physical selfreflection encourages philosophical self-reflection that leads to selfunderstanding. As (loosely) quoted from Socrates in Plato’s Philebus conversation, ‘People make themselves look absurd when they are trying to
look smart – before they know themselves. Understanding ‘thyself,’ will give
oneself a better awareness of themselves and others.’ “When people are made to be self-aware, they are likelier to stop and think about what they are doing. A byproduct of that awareness may be a shift away from acting on autopilot toward more desirable ways of behaving.” – Dr Bodenhausen – Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, C. Neil Macrae, Galen V. Bodenhausen and Alan B. Milne. The New York Times – Mirrors Don’t Lie.

Artist: Angki Purbandono feat. Nicholas Saputra
Title: POST JUNGLE (Tangkahan Project – Project #1)
Concept: Art Campaign
Medium: Photography, Video and Scanography.
Artworks: Documentary clip, Light box, Digital print on paper, Flag installation and Photography.

Presented by Mizuma Singapore Gallery.

TANGKAHAN Project is a pilot project of a site-specific artist residency program, located specifically in a place in Indonesia that has nature conservation problem. In this project, from 15 September to 15 October 2016, Angki took residency in Tangkahan, in Namo Rambe, Langkat, Sumatera Utara.

The mission of this project to share the stories behind the place have through the artist’s art. We hope this project can make public pay more attention to our nature-related problems.

Documentary Clip ‘Post Jungle’ is a set of video footages and photos during the one month residency Angki had in Tangkahan Village, compiling it with music. Post-Jungle is an imaginary place where Angki feel that the forest are changing into a city.

Adi Dharma ‘Stereoflow’
Title: Untitled
Dimension: 700 x 500 cm (approximately)
Medium: Sticker Installation and sticker installation on Wood.
Year: 2017

In making art, Adi is influenced greatly by hip-hop music. He feels that the approache he use in how he plays with pattern and colors are the same with the way he plays with tone and sounds.

Alih Elusif
Instalasi video

Human seems to believe in a better life of the drastic Revolution of digital technology development, the technology itself seemed to expand the space and humans are more comfortable in it. Through Alih Elusif, Abshar tried to express the metaphors of that concept. Using a medium of information, by making the expansion of the virtual space where humans are slowly entering into it, humans directly see himself sinking slowly into endless space, although what he sees is not his real self, but his self that has been rearranged by binary code and pixels code.

J.A. Pramuhendra
Special Prayer For The Living
Mixed Media Installation
Variable Dimension

Presented by Platform+
For me understanding life is not limited to what I can see with eyes, all are felt and contemplated. The question of my being in the universe always haunts me. Is there a God? Is there another life?
The spiritual value contained in it is full of mystery, I only see it all with my point of view, a point of view of a man raised in Catholicism. “Special Prayer For The Living” is for those who still have faith in something bigger than life.
So, is what I believed is true? I do not know.

Deni Ramdani

Presented by Platform+

360° by Deni Ramdani comes from a collective act with Gelar Taufik Kusumawardhana and Niko Wiratma named 725. This figure comes from 725 AMSL (meters above mean sea level), which is the approximate height of the beach surface of ancient lake Bandung (Bandung basin). This act departed from the idea to see the landscape of Bandung both ecologically, socially, politically and culturally by tracing the development that occurred at the point 725 mdpl around Bandung.

Deni’s involvement in 725 was triggered by his desire to understand his own residence, to the problem in his village which affects other areas. 360 ° is a starting point for Deni to be able to explore the issue, with the hope of interaction and sharing among those who inhabit those areas.

Platform+ is an artists’ initiative space, based in Bandung. Found in 2009 with the name Platform3, the name was changed to Platform+ in 2017. Platform+ becomes space and laboratorium for any kind of artistic program, from discussion, incubation or research for artist, curating or any other art activity. Platform+ also aim to develop critical thinking on art and culture through journal, essays and research.

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